Best Free Spelling Apps for iPhone

Language is as important today as it ever was, and that’s why it’s crucial that your child gets a running start.  With the help of your iPhone, these free spelling apps will give kids an opportunity to wrestle with the English language while having fun.



Animal Spell’em All Lite 

In this educational app you play as a little girl named Malika, who shows you a picture of an animal and says what it is. The goal is to use the letters on the chalkboard to spell out the animal. There are 32 animals in the game, with 4 levels. You also earn stars for every time you’re right and the more you get, the higher your score!  There is a paid version available if your little one needs more levels and animals.


Amazing Memory Match! (Lite) Kids Favorite Word Learning Game 

Matching games have never been this fun! You can choose from different themes with tons of pictures that include birds, bugs, planets, and food.  Not only does it have super cute pictures, but it even has sounds to go with them. The best part is, it’s so easy to use, your kids can play on their own and will stay very entertained. When a tile is flipped over, the word is spelled out and pronounced, so it helps your child remember and learn words easier. It’s also available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French, and German.


ABC Letter Tracing 

Want to teach your child how to write well, but don’t want all of the mess involved with throwing out tons of paper and getting pencil lead everywhere?  Worry not, as there is a clean solution!    There are a few great benefits to this app, with the first being the fact that each letter is displayed in both upper and lower case side by side, so the association between each letter will be easier.  Secondly, each letter is accompanied by a great visual representation of a word that begins with that letter, such as A for Apple, or K for Kite.  And finally, there is an optional voiceover that will reinforce the sound of each letter so the listening aspect is developed as well.  Parents, I strongly recommend using a stylus for this game so that your kids may feel more comfortable and the writing is more natural.

Pre-K Letters and Numbers 

This free app is certainly no slouch when it comes to quality, and it’s ranking in the iTunes App Store as one of the Top 25 Educational Games is a testament to that.  It’s very similar to ABC Letter Tracing, but targets younger children, and also includes numbers.  Over 75 items come with the game, and it also includes an “online child performance Report Card” that will let you see how well your child is doing!



ABC Phonics Animals Free Lite 

Making a guest appearance on the CBS Evening News, this game showed off how powerful it really is.  Using proven flash card learning methods, it teaches many different elements of language, including spelling, pronunciation, animal sounds, phonetics, and rhymes.  There are 3 extra games that you can download, each with their own unique theme.  Before starting any of these 4 games, you will be asked to gauge your child’s skill level and adjust the game accordingly.  The font is big, the pictures are cute and colorful, and the audio quality is stunningly clear, making this an app that will easily be accessible by the much younger children, and the difficulty can be ramped up to provide a challenge even for older children.