Best Free Android Apps to Learn How to Write

The iPhone isn’t the only device in town that can help children develop beautiful handwriting. A growing number of apps are becoming available on the Android market to assist children with developing handwriting skills.  Whether your elementary student needs to perfect those cursive letters, or your toddler is mastering the art of writing their name, the best Android learning apps can help! With these free high quality apps for Android devices, you will enable the growth of your child’s language skills in a fun, digital environment that translates into real-world skills.

ABCs Tracing Cursive Letters 

When you want your child to learn cursive, this app will help you get started on the right foot.  Kids will be able to trace over cursive letters (both upper and lowercase), and learn how to write elegant, crisp script.  While it can be fun to trace over the letters with a finger, you can add a stylus to replicate the feel of a pen or pencil.


Baby Learns ABCs

If you have a very young baby, this app is for you!  One of my favorite apps, Baby Learns ABCs is beautifully made, and the bright colors are sure to put a sparkle in your baby’s eyes.  It’s a great way to develop cognitive functions during infancy, and it does so much more than just teach the ABCs.  Also included are wild go kart racing mini games, music, and cute animals.  The controls, by the way, really are simple enough that a baby can use them, as all it is, is dragging things on and off the screen.

Kid Mode: Free Fun Kids Games 

This is the mother of all android kids apps.  It’s ranked the #1 app for kids, and features a lot more than just handwriting games.  In addition to teaching children how to write, Kid Mode also features an art studio where they can draw, paint and color to their heart’s content, illustrated storybooks that kids can read and follow along with, and the ability to add other games to the app’s library, such as Angry Birds and Where’s My Water.  A useful feature that many parents will appreciate is the Child Lock that prevents your little one from accidentally hitting a button and deleting things off your phone.  Keeping them locked into the app is a great way to have parental controls, and the sheer number of games included with this download, which range from easy to very challenging (even for adults!), makes it a must-have for kids of any age.