Best Apps for Learning to Tell Time

The next time your child asks you for the time, tell them that it’s time to learn how to tell time!  In a word of digital clocks, you can use your iPhone to teach your kids how to tell time, rather than simply using it to read the time. In the three apps below, you’ll find some of the best apps for learning to tell time. Whether your child is brand new to telling time, or they need a little reinforcement when it comes to the difference between the hour and minute hands, using an iPhone app to assist in the learning process is sure to keep kids engaged while they master the art of reading clocks!

Tell Time LT

Price: FREE

While there is a paid version of this app available, the lite one is a great place to start teaching your little ones how to tell time.  It’s a very easy concept to grasp, so children of any age can begin playing with it.  Basically, there are 3 clock faces that are displayed on the screen, and a time is called out.  It is up to the child to touch the clock face that shows the correct time.  The lite version keeps times rounded to hours or half hours, while the paid app allows for increments as little as 5 minutes.


Telling Time – Photo Touch Game

Price: $0.99

The app boasts that any child who is familiar with the concept of time and can count to 12 can learn to tell time by using it.  One of the things I really liked about this app versus the rest of the time apps is that the clock faces were realistic rather than colorful and cartoonish.  Even though it won’t appeal to the child as easily as a colorful clock would, it will get them used to telling time on a regular clock.


Jungle Time – Learn How to Tell Time

Price: $0.99

Jungle Time is one of the top apps for telling time, and for good reason.  The time is spoken in multiple languages, and clock faces have been replaced with animal faces that roar, smile, and make fun sounds.  Kids will have a lot of fun changing the time, and all it takes is a drag or swipe of the finger and your child can set the clock however they wish.  There are several different levels of difficulty, ranging from complete beginners that need to be introduced to clocks, to advanced children who are already familiar with time but want to practice more specific times.  Even a roman numeral setting exists so you can teach your child how to read these ancient numbers!