Three Best iPad Cooking Apps

Best cooking app for iPadWhether you’re a novice chef looking for a hand in the kitchen or a true culinary connoisseur on the prowl for a new favorite recipe, chances are there’s an iPad app for that. Expansive screen real estate and high quality rendering make the iPad an ideal device to help you in the kitchen. It’s smaller than your standard laptop and easy to tuck out of the way in an easy-to-see spot for help while you cook.

With more than 500,000 apps in the iTunes App Store, it’s hard to know where to start your search for the perfect iPad cooking app. To keep it simple, this definitive list points you towards the three best iPad cooking apps out there. Bon appetit!

Top iPad cooking appsEpicurious

Price: Free

It’s simply impossible to discuss the top iPad cooking apps without mentioning Epicurious, and with good reason. The Epicurious app has long been the golden standard for iPad cooking apps, partially because it was one of the first large scale cooking apps to hit iTunes. The fact that it connects users to a searchable database of over 30,000 tested recipes, syncs favorite recipes between devices and the Epicurious website, is full of mouth-watering food photos and has an intuitive shopping list function doesn’t hurt either.




perfect iPad cooking appBig Fork Little Fork

Price: Free

The Big Fork Little Fork iPad cooking app makes the grade because it’s a cooking app built for kids. A colorful user interface encourages curious kids to get hands-on with food. This top cooking app features simple recipes you can make together, nutritional information, cooking safety tips, videos featuring kids in the kitchen, a special section for picky eaters, and a lot more. This app is sponsored by Kraft, which keeps it free. It also interfaces with another free Kraft food app, iFoodAssistant, for shopping list support.

free recipe appsSimply Organic HD

Price: Free

For a huge selection of healthy recipes featuring organic ingredients, it’s hard to do better than the Simply Organic HD iPad cooking app. This application give users access to more than 1,400 recipes with a healthy twist, but don’t run for the hills. This is not a dieting app. It’s just an easy way to work more healthy food into an already balanced diet. Glossy photos, a bevy of sorting options and a healthy selection of exciting ethnic cuisine all help this free food app pop. Creating and exporting a shopping list via email helps Simply Organic HD be a triple threat. This is, without a doubt, one of the top iPad cooking apps out there.

Is the iPad your best friend in the kitchen? Do you have a favorite iPad cooking app you can’t live without? Please leave us a comment.