Best iPhone Apps for Keeping Kids Safe

kids safety appsWe live in a world where there’s plenty to worry about when it comes to our kids. Between the typical “stranger danger” lessons and keeping vital information on hand in case of emergency, it’s nice to know that there are  iPhone apps for keeping kids safe. Check these 5 kids safety apps out to help keep kids safe in emergencies, online and in their neighborhood.


dial safeDialSafe Pro
Price: Free
Phones can be both friend and foe. This app acts as a kid-friendly phone simulator and helps children learn how to dial 9-1-1 in case of emergency, memorize their own phone number and that of important people, like Grandma. On the flip side, the simulator also helps kids practice what to say in case a stranger calls. Whether your toddler is just learning to use the phone, or you’re beginning to allow your child to stay home alone while you run to the store, this app is a great reminder of how the phone can be a tool….Not just a toy.

FBI Child IDFBI Child ID
Price: Free
With this app endorsed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you can rest assured that you have your child’s vital information in case the unthinkable happens – and they go missing. FBI Child ID allows you to create a profile for each of your children, storing a current picture along with information about their height, weight, physical appearance and more. This information can be vital to authorities in case your child wanders off, or goes missing. Also helpful are tips of what to do in case your child is suddenly missing and offers quick links to dial 9-1-1 and get fast help.

Smart ICESmart ICE
Price: $0.99
While this app can be useful for the whole family, kids on-the-go with their own phone should definitely have an ICE or “In Case of Emergency” app loaded on their phone. This app stores vital information like name, medical conditions, medications, emergency contacts, allergies and more. With neatly organized icons, and many emergency providers checking phones for ICE information in today’s tech-based world, this app can be a life saver for kids with allergies or other potentially life-threatening medical conditions.

Offender Locator
Price: $0.99
Although nobody wants to think about the possibility of their child coming into contact with a sex offender, knowledge is power when it comes to keeping kids safe. This app allows parents to search for registered sex offenders in their area and be aware. Check to see if there’s anyone kids should be wary of in the neighborhood, or on their walk route home from school, and be sure to teach kids how to deal with strangers and report any behavior that makes them uncomfortable to you or a trusted adult immediately. Offenders can be searched within Offender Locator by address or name, allowing you to check on a specific person or locale.

MobicipMobicip Safe Browser
Price: $2.99
While keeping kids safe out in the world is important, it’s just as imperative to remember that the internet poses a world of danger’s all its own. With Mobicip Safe Browser app, parents are able to help control what online content children can access via the iPhone app. Parents can restrict sites based on age-ratings, specific sites and easily monitor what sites their children have been looking at, or trying to look at. Having an “open door” policy when it comes to the internet is easily facilitated with the use of the Mobicip Safe Browser – letting your kids know that you’re watching their internet activity.