65+ Best Android Kids Apps Reviewed

iKidApps is excited to share information about the latest and greatest kids’ apps available for Android devices. Since our establishment nearly 3 1/2 years ago, the site has expanded from showcasing just iPhone apps to include the ever-popular Android apps, as well! This list of postings will direct you to our reviews of the best kids Android apps for learning, play time and parenting!

Android Tips for Parents:
Wondering how to make your Android smartphone a little more kid-friendly, or looking for tips on how to make ringtones or download some movies before your next flight? Check out these helpful posts!
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Free Android Kids Apps
When you’re looking for some awesome free Android apps to keep the kids busy, browse these posts for a few great picks:
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Best Free Android Apps for Traveling with Kids
Best Free Kids Book Apps for Android
Best Free Android Coloring Apps for Kids
Best Free Android Apps for Kids
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Educational Android Kids Apps
Learning on an Android phone doesn’t have to involve pricey apps. These free educational Android apps are great for studying and your pocketbook.
Best Math Apps for Android
Best Android Apps for Preschool Age
Best Android Apps for Toddlers
Android: Best Free Educational Apps
Free Android Apps to Learn How to Write

Android Tablet Apps for Kids
The popularity of Android tablets is growing by the day. These Android tablet apps for kids are age-appropriate and packed with fun.
Best Free Android Tablet Apps for Kids