4 Awesome iPad Math Apps Every Parent Should Own

iPad has plenty of great apps and games for your children, but let’s face it: how many of them are actually educational, more specifically dealing with math?  If you want to keep the kids entertained while giving them some food for thought, these are a few iPad math apps that every parent should own.



Motion Math – $1.99

A cute math game?  Absolutely. Designed for those kids who are having a hard time remembering fractions, percents and decimals, Motion Match provides a great learning environment for kids.   A star falls down the screen and you have to tilt the screen so it hits the correct spot on the line below that shows the number.  Doing it this way, they’ll have an easier way of understanding math while having fun!

Math Cards – $0.99

A more involved math app than the previously mentioned one, Math Cards can help kids improve their math and also helps parents keep track of how they’re doing. There are quizzes for different sections of math that grade your child when they take them. There are also tips and lessons they can refer to that help improve their math skills. A huge plus, there’s an achievements section where you can check on their work.

Brain Tuner –  Free

This is a great way to stay on top of all your math, and can be especially helpful before tests! Basically, you take a short quiz each day to test your math with a set timer. It is simple math so kids can also play and that will help them get even better at math since they’ll be “studying” every day!

KidCalc –  $0.99

This is a very popular app that is aimed for kids from preschool to elementary school. Depending on their level, there are different flash cards, puzzles, animations, and voice-overs that help them practice their math. It’s a very simple app to use and has different themes (such as birthdays, seasons, and holidays)  that make it more engaging and fun.