Best Music Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Intro image Do you, by any chance, remember when people bought iPods for listening to music? The sole purpose of this innovative Apple device was to download, transport and rock out to your favorite tunes. It was a simpler time. Now, we have iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle…The list goes on, but one of the hallmark qualities of all of these devices is their ability to grant us access to that great equalizer: music. Whether you’re 3 or 93, there’s an app out there that can help bring music to life on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Get ready to rock.

Glee Glee Karaoke
Price: $0.99
Great news, kids. You don’t just have to sing into your hairbrush anymore! Glee Karaoke features the most popular tunes from the hit television show “Glee” and makes you a karaoke star. Follow along with the lyrics as the app uses cool technology to make you sound like a superstar. Great for kids who love to belt out a tune, or for fun with the whole family. To get your voice show ready, the app also offers ongoing feedback to let you know how you’re doing. A hairbrush doesn’t do that!
Music Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Tpain icon I am T-Pain
Price: $2.99
Both the iTunes store, and I, recommend this one for kids over the age of 12, as some of the music content here features edited rap songs that may briefly mention alcohol or other PG-13 content. T-pain is a rapper who is best known for his voice tuning that makes him sound, well, weird. With this fun app, you  can sing along with hit songs, or record your own sayings while tuning your voice to sound like a high rollin’ hip hop star. With adjustable settings, this app is hours of goofy entertainment for the older kids.
Music Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

IShred icon iShred Guitar & Effects
Price: $0.99
For the kid in your life who can’t get enough of his or her guitar, iShred Guitar & Effects is a highly functional app available on the cheap. Seemingly designed by guitar people, for guitar people, this app allows users to play a virtual guitar with various sounds created by pedals and types of guitars. In fact, this is the same app that has famously popped up in the YouTube video featuring a band using all iPhones to play a hit song. Get this one and get your musical kids a chance to strum the guitar when they’re away from the instrument.
Music Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Tappy Tunes icon TappyTunes
Price: $1.99
Geared toward a younger audience, Tappy Tunes allows kids who may not be quite old enough to understand piano keys or guitar strings a chance to create music by simply tapping the screen. Over 80 songs come pre-loaded with the app in music categories ranging from Holiday to Classical to favorite Children’s tunes. After selecting a song, users simply tap the screen at the desired speed and the proper notes come pouring out of your iPhone or iPod Touch. Cute graphics and familiar songs have made this app a hit with parents of the toddler crowd.
Music Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Pandora icon Pandora Radio
Price: Free
Pandora is a great free internet radio app that allows listeners to create playlists based on their favorite genres of music, or artists. For example, if you love country music you can create a “Garth Brooks” playlist. Pandora will automatically play songs that include and sound similar to Garth Brooks. As you find great songs, bookmark them for purchase! I love that Pandora will remind you of old favorites and sometimes introduce you to new ones. The only downside here is a required WiFi connection and the inability to use Pandora and other iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad apps or functions simultaneously.