Great Website Templates for App Developers

As an app developer, marketing and support is an essential function of your job. While most developers are confident in their ability to produce a great app, many are left wondering how to create an equally great website to offer information and tech support to consumers after the app has launched. Fortunately, developers need not spend their time designing a website from scratch. With these highly rated website templates, app developers can have a good website up with minimal time and effort – and get back to producing new apps for iPhone and Android users to clamor over.

Price: $10.00 – Regular License
MyApplication offers a basic html-based theme for developers who are focused on promoting and selling their app. Although the template is set up to feature only one page, it offers a sleek design that even allows users to embed a photo or video of their app in action in an iPhone graphic on the side of the page. This is a simple, yet highly rated, theme for developers looking to track visitors to their site and offer basic information and promotion for their app.

Price: $15.00 – Regular License
Stage offers a larger platform with multiple pages; which is ideal for developers that have multiple apps to feature, or larger app development companies who require more than one page to spotlight their current and upcoming projects. Developers will also find variety in Stage, with multiple page themes available, as well as a myriad of graphics and illustrations to enhance the look of your site. For those also using social media to promote an app, this theme offers built-in Twitter functionality to reduce the time spent cross-posting information. For a little bit “flashier” website, Stage is a great template choice.
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The Developer
Price: $30.00 – Regular License
The Developer is a WordPress based template, making it easy to use and functional for developers looking for anything from a simple one-page site, to a multiple-page site for featuring multiple apps or sections like tech support and FAQ’s. The capabilities of The Developer are intended to produce a clean, modern-looking website with helpful how-to’s along the way. This one also features an operational “Contact” box for easy communication with your buyers.