Best New Kids Apps

new kids appsAs developers continue to submit information about their new apps to the blog, we are continue to check them out and highlight a few of our favorites for our readers. In this round-up of the best new kids apps, we check out math and science apps for elementary-school-age children, routine builders for toddlers and spelling help for early learners. Check out the videos below and let us know which of these apps you think are the worthy of the title of best new kids apps!

GoGo Mongo
Price: $0.99
To succeed in this app, players must feed Mongo, a friendly blob-like monster, the letters of the alphabet in correct order. As letters fall from the sky, players tilt the iPhone back and forth to make Mongo slide across the screen and get in position to catch the right letter in his mouth. He’s excited when he gets to munch on the right letter, but snacks out of order make him sick. This is a fun app for kids learning to recite those ABC’s and features great, kid-friendly cartoon graphics.

Price: $0.99
In this falling blocks game, kids are challenged to arrange cascading blocks, labeled with numbers, to format a mathematically correct equation. As numbers fall from the sky, players must determine which math function (additions, subtraction, multiplication, or division) and which arrangement of numbers will create an equation that works. This is great math training for the elementary-aged bunch.

Bo’s Bedtime
Price: $1.99
This app is one for the toddler crowd to help settle down for a bedtime routine! Bo, a very cute Giraffe, needs your kids’ help to get ready for bed. Ten different scenes in the app require kids to help sort and put away toys, match pajamas to wear, pair up rubber duckies at bath time and more. While each scene helps kids learn routine, they will also practice basic skills like color recognition, sorting and counting. I know my little guy had a fun time with this one!

Natural Science for Kids: City of Light
Price: Free
It’s not always easy to find a good science app for kids in elementary grades. They’re usually either too advanced and reference-like, or not informational enough. Natural Science for Kids: City of Light strikes a great balance to teach kids about sources of light, mirrors, colors, refraction and more. Each different “lesson” is encompassed in an activity that is accompanied by age-appropriate cartoon drawings and easy-to-comprehend narratives.

Presto Bingo Shapes
Price: $1.99
Children learning shapes will have a ball playing with Presto Bingo Shapes. The app presents children with a simple picture made up of shapes. After reviewing what a specific shape looks like, kids are challenged to find and touch as many of the specified shape as possible in the picture. Once all of the shapes have been found, a new picture and shape become the focus. Simple, yet sharp graphics and an ease-of-use make this app perfect for independent play or learning time with Mom & Dad or friends.

Animal Spell ‘Em All
Price: $1.99
Spelling can be challenging for people throughout their lives. Give your kids a great start to learning to spell with this fun, educational app. Equipped with three levels, for toddlers through kindergarten or early elementary, this app presents children with a picture and multiple letters. To play, letters need to be dragged and dropped in the appropriate order to spell the word. To help along the way, Malika, a friendly little girl helps with the spelling by noting correct answers and those that need some work. This app has a great interface and packs a good punch of educational value.