Best Math Apps For Android

MainMath Android phones outsell iPhone today! So at we took notice and we are trying to review many more Android kids apps for our readers. Below is a list of the top 5 best math apps for Android.

Mathworkoutpro Math Workout Pro

Price: $2.04

Math Workout Pro isn’t your ordinary math learning game. The free version of this application, Math Workout, has been downloaded by 4.4 million users. Ideal for users of all ages, Math Workout Pro allows you to enhance your arithmetic abilities on a daily basis. The developers of this game will be giving away a $50 dollar Amazon gift voucher for users who video their fastest Math Workout and send it in to them. You not only get the chance to sharpen your math skills, you can also earn a little spending money in the process.

Kidsnumbersandmath Kids Numbers And Math

Price: $2.99

Intellijoy is a company that specializes in providing educational games in a fun and exciting way. The company is right on point with this highly popular game that makes learning fun for your preschool and kindergarten aged children. Kids Numbers and Math also comes in a lite version that has a couple of restrictions such as a limit on the range of numbers you are able to teach your kids.

Talking kids math and numbers 1 Talking Kids Math And Numbers

Price: Free

One of the most remarkable things for parents to hear is their toddler learning to talk. The developers of Talking Kids Math and Numbers wants to provide parents with another remarkable milestone by helping kids to talk about math too. This amazing application comes with TV mode so that your child can learn on the big screen. It is also equipped with a quiz mode and high quality 3D graphics.

Atrithmo Arithmetics For Kids

Price: Free

Parents, here is a chance to get a head start in teaching your toddler basic arithmetic skills. This engaging application will allow you to engage and challenge your child’s mind. The fun factor of this game will have your child learning without even realizing that they are learning. The object of this game is beating the clock. You and your child will have fun while learning.

MentalMaths Mental Maths Preview

Price: Free

Quick. What’s 92×97? While that is a math question that may require a little time to calculate on paper, wouldn’t it be awesome if your child can give you that answer without paper? Well, with Mental Maths, they can do just that. Filled with great illustrations, this app is excellent in teaching your child as they develop their math skills to beat the time restrictions on specific tests throughout their educational journey.