Best Kindle Fire Apps for Younger Kids

Since its release, the Kindle Fire has become the most popular Android tablet choice. The size, capability and price of this device, available for just $159, makes the Kindle Fire an ideal choice for families that either aren’t Apple fans, or who just can’t justify the $500+ price tag of an iPad. The  number of apps available for Kindle Fire is expanding all the time, but for those who are using the Kindle Fire now, here are five of the best Kindle Fire apps for kids:


Let’s Do The Math 2
Price: $0.99
This math app for the Kindle Fire allows older kids to engage in some math practice while also getting in their tablet time! Capable of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, kids can practice based on numbers and written equations, or equations illustrated with colored dots or dice.

Kids Match ‘Em
Price: Free
Matching games are a classic kids’ favorite. This matching game, like most, presents players with a screen with multiple items. After a quick flash, kids must select the matching items by touching turned squares on the screen. As an added bonus, Kids Match ‘Em can be set to increase in difficulty with more cards per screen, making it a fun app for kids of varying ages.

Peter Pig’s Money Counter
Price: Free
Learning the difference between a dime and a quarter is becoming more and more important as we live in a world where so many rely on debit and credit to pay! This app will help kids learn to identify coins, memorize their value and practice vital math skills as they add up the value of different coins to answer equations.

Kids Ultimate Finger Paint
Price: Free
Finger painting apps let kids get creative, without all the mess. Kids Ultimate Finger Paint, for Kindle Fire, lets kids pick colors and draw strokes with their fingers, or get more involved. Puzzle games within the app keep kids engaged as they piece pictures back together again by dragging and dropping puzzle squares. The best part, though? Kids can import pictures to the app and use them as a backdrop for their finger painting fun.

Price: Free
iStorybooks is an awesome library of interactive kids storybooks right on your Kindle Fire. After download, you’ll have access to stories like Cinderella , The Mean Lion and the Smart Rabbit, and other books with a moral are available for reading, or audio on a read-to-me setting. We love that every two weeks a new book is published and automatically added to the app’s catalog of choices.