Best iPhone Puzzle Apps

iphone puzzle appsby Natalie

The best iPhone games aren’t just for kids. There are plenty of apps that capture the attention of parents, and can even keep the whole family entertained! Recently, my husband has formed an addiction for iPhone puzzle apps; not the jigsaw kind, but rather puzzles that challenge the mind and force you to think. Here are a few of our favorites that are great for keeping the minds of parents, and older kids, good and sharp!

Plumber Game
Price: Free
Although this is not the most complicated puzzle game, it’s highly addictive. Players are presented with different shaped small sections of pipe that must be properly placed to connect the spigot to the water source. This is a fun option to get kids started with strategy puzzles or keep even yourself busy in those long lines at the grocery store.

Unblock Me
Price: $0.99
These games are the Rubik’s cube of the iPhone. You want so badly to figure out the puzzles that you’ll spend hours focused on a block. Unblock Me gives users a puzzle that requires them to move virtual wooden blocks in a specific order to move the red block to a designated location. 4 different difficulty levels and thousands of puzzle combinations will keep you busy here for awhile. And, you can even test yourself with an automatic “move counter” to figure out if you’re getting better with practice – my favorite feature!

Price: $0.99
No less than an entire work week has been spent in evening hours playing this game in our house. If my husband can’t figure out the puzzle, I demand that I can – and sit frustrated until I do. Cross Fingers is a fun way to challenge your mind; but carve out some time for it. It’s addictive in the truest sense of the word. Each puzzle consists of different shapes that must be moved to fill in a black area and all fit together. However, in order for the pieces to slide past one another, they have to be moved in a specific order. Sure, it sounds easy, until you just can’t figure out how to move that last piece!

IQ Pyramid
Price: Free
IQ Pyramid  is fun for kids and adults; the bright colors seem to hold the interest of younger puzzle masters. Users are presented with a pyramid that has a set number of “holes,” along with colorful balls arranged in specific shapes that must be dragged and dropped into the correct position to fill up the pyramid completely. Physical versions of this game are also common, so IQ Pyramid would be a fun virtual play for anyone familiar with the old school version.

Price: $0.99
Sh!ft is another colorful puzzle game reminiscent of card matching apps and tic-tac-toe. Presented with blocks of objects, like Easter eggs, in certain colors, users must methodically swipe and move the blocks to connect similarly colored groups. When 3 or more groups line up vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, points are scored.