Best Free Android Apps for Girls

There are hundreds of great Android apps for kids out there, but how many of them are truly catered to young girls? Whether you are taking your daughter on a road trip, driving her to school or just trying to entertain her long enough to enjoy some quiet time, there are a few great Android apps for young girls.  Below we take a look at five cute apps that range from dress up games to educational apps.  The best part? They’re all free.

Dress Up Maidens Avatar Creator Deluxe (Lite)
Price: Free
This is a wonderful dress up app for older girls, especially if they are into fashion and dolls.  The high level of customization certainly makes this cute app fun for girls, and serves as a great way to exercise their imagination and creativity.  With the ability to customize everything from the eyes, hair, makeup and skin to shirts, shoes and accessories, there is plenty of room for self expression.  There are over 850 items to choose from, and once you have finished creating an a distinctive avatar, you can save directly to the phone’s SD card, set it as a wallpaper and even print it.

Fashion Math
Price: Free

Learning math can be fun, as this app proves.  Basically a dress up game with an educational spin, the player must earn credits by answering a series of math questions correctly.  The player can then spend these credits on various items including clothes, accessories and even pets!  It can be challenging for young girls of all ages, as you can choose what types of math to quiz the player on, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  This cute game will motivate young learners to practice math, and the graphics are a notch higher than the usual dress up game.

Love Between Animals Puzzle
Price: Free

You would be hard-pressed to find a girl who didn’t like cute animals.  Love Between Animals puts an adorable twist on the traditional slider puzzle by adding many different pictures of animals showing loving affection to each other.  There are various difficulty settings ranging from “very easy” to “crazy,” making it the perfect app for kids who love animals and puzzles that become progressively more challenging

 Nyan Cat Game
Price: Free

Few games are as easy to pick up and play as Nyan Cat Game, and even fewer feature a main character as unique.  You play as a cat with a Pop-Tart body, and the object of the game is to fly through space and avoid asteroids while collecting stars, with a giant rainbow shooting out from behind you.  Sounds like the concept was first written down on a napkin after a New Year’s Eve party, but the game is indeed very catchy.  Players have the ability to move the cat with their fingers, or adjust the phone’s settings to allow the player to control the cat by tilting the phone.  Meant to be a casual game, girls will enjoy the cute main character and even cuter song.

Princess Puzzle
Price: Free

What kind of fun-games-for-young-girls list would this be without including a Disney princess app?  Created by the developers who also made the Love Between Animals Puzzle app, this game is also a slider puzzle, but the cute animals have been replaced by the most popular Disney princesses.  Young girls will be able to complete puzzles and unlock pictures of Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White and more.  Once completed, the pictures can then be saved to the SD card or used as a wallpaper.  New levels are constantly added, which greatly increases the replayability and keeps things fresh.