How to Watch Movies on Android Phone

What would have seemed crazy 10 years ago is now an everyday event; the ability to watch full length movies and videos on your mobile phone. Learning how to watch movies on Android phone is extremely easy and many would argue much easier than on the iPhone or other smart phone devices. The three easiest ways to watch moves on your Android phone is by renting or downloading the movie from the Android market, watching movies you have previously downloaded from your phone’s internal memory, or to stream movies through your phones data connection.


Watch Movies on Android Phone via the Android Market

By far, the easiest way to watch movies on an Android phone is by renting from the Android market.  Similar to the Apple iTunes market, the Android market has a section of their marketplace devoted to providing the newest independent and popular movies available to rent. The cost for each movie is around $.99 to $3.99 depending on how new each movie rental happens to be. Once you rent the movie you wish to view, you have 30 days to watch the movie or once you start the movie, you can watch the item for 24 hours. The market has the latest movies that were just in the theater a short few months ago in addition to a large library of previously released films.


How to Watch Movies on Android Phone You Have Downloaded or Moved To Your Movies Hard Drive

If you have home movies or have previously downloaded movies on your computer are interested in watching them on your Android phone, you are in luck. The best program to watch movies on Android phone that you have previously downloaded is Mx Video Player. Mx Video Player is free on the Android market and plays almost every major video format including .avi, .flv, .mp4, and .mpeg. The quality is smooth and sharp with this Android app and the audio syncs up very well. Once you open the program, you can select where you video files are located and play them easy and painless.

Watch Movies on Android Phone from a Streaming Service like Netflix

Quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to watch television and movies is through a streaming service like Netflix. Netflix costs a monthly service fee, around $8 for access to a full library of thousands of movies and tv shows. Once you setup your Netflix account, you can download the movies Android phone app and from there, immediately start streaming your movie to your phone. Netflix’s interface is easy to navigate and the streaming quality of the movies is phenomenal.

Once you learn how to watch movies on Android phone, you can play your favorite home video or rent a movie anywhere in the world.