Best Educational iPhone and iPod Touch Apps for 1st Graders

1st grade intro The 1st grade is every bit as important as the 12th. Here, students master the art of handwriting, telling time and starting to spell. Here, we review the best educational apps for 1st graders. Kindergarten’s over; and kids need apps to help them with their learning transition to big kid-hood!


Lickin Letters Licking Letters
Price: $0.99
Spelling is a skill that children will be mastering on into their adult years. Give them a fun start with the assistance of Licking Letters. In this app, kids work with a crazy-tongued frog to lick letters from the sky and correctly spell an assigned word. To make the process more fun, the app is equipped with modules that let kids earn coins within the app and exchange them for hip outfits for their frog.

Teach Me 1st Grade TeachMe: 1st Grade
Price: $0.99
Most educational apps give children multiple choice answers to select from, but Teach Me: 1st Grade puts your new grade school learner to the test by using technology to read answers written in by writing with their finger on the screen. So cool! The app features a kid-friendly interface filled with animals, bright colors and simple instructions for tasks covering basic addition and subtraction, writing, spelling and sight word recognition. Stickers and other rewards within the app help hold the interest of little learners.

Park Mark Park Math
Price: $0.99
This popular app helps teach basic math concepts with the help of activities in a park. For instance, children learn to count the number of times a swing moves back and forth, or place a bunch of dogs out for a walk in order of biggest to smallest. Park Math’s developer, Duck Duck Moose, is well-known for producing high-quality children’s educational apps, and this one is no exception. A slam-dunk for kids who love to learn and play all at once.

Montessori crosswords Montessori Crosswords
Price: $2.99
Montessori Crosswords is a unique app that will be highly beneficial to children learning to spell basic sight words. Although the price may seem high, this is a unique app that teaches children by setting up simple crossword puzzles. The clues are given in picture form, and children drag and drop letters into the appropriate spaces to complete the puzzle. The settings are fully customizable to adjust the length and difficulty of words, so parents can adjust the app for accelerated or delayed learners.

Jungle Time Jungle Time
Price: $0.99
Learning to tell time is a major milestone for early grade school students. Jungle Time helps children understand and study the clock by asking them to both recognize a pre-set time, or set time themselves. To practice, the app will present a problem either asking children to enter a time shown on the clock, or drag clock hands to a given time. However, beyond practice, the app will help children comprehend time telling via interactive explanations.