Best Coloring App for iPad – Use a Coloring Marker from Crayola!

Coloring apps for the iPad have been taken to a new level with Crayola’s Color Studio HD app and the iMarker. This nifty new take on the digital coloring book lets kids play with a truly “magic” marker rather than having to use a finger to spread colors across the iPad screen.

The Crayola Color Studio HD app  is a free app compatible with iPad. While kids can use their finger as a crayon, the app also works with the Crayola iMarker, which retails for $29.99.

The iMarker isn’t a marker in the traditional sense, but rather an electronic device in the shape of a Crayola marker that works in conjunction with the app to color in different coloring pages in the style of a marker, pen, paintbrush or crayon; all in one! The app and iMarker also work together to open up interactive content within the coloring pages; including music, animations, sounds and more.

We think this is a cool way to make coloring portable and reduce the mess. You’ll just need to remind kids only to use their special marker to avoid unwanted stripes of color on the family iPad screen!

Have you tried the iMarker, or will your kids be asking Santa for this magic marker?
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