Teach Kids Spelling with an iPhone App

My Spelling TestAfter the kids get bored with practicing their spelling words at the kitchen table, or during pop quizzes in the car, try out My Spelling Test to incorporate some iPhone fun into your spelling studies!


Unlike spelling apps that help children learn pre-set groups of words, My Spelling Test is intended to be completely customizable based on your child’s current spelling studies. To start, parents (or older students) can create their test by inputting the desired words and recording the pronunciation of the word. After tests have been created and named, they’re available in the test library to be practiced at any time.

During practice sessions, the word is spoken by the app and users are presented with a keyboard to type the correct spelling of the word. If spelled correctly, the app will move onto the next word. If not, the app shows the correct spelling.

And, you can be sure of how much kids are practicing with a feature that saves the score of each test taken. No more wondering if Billy really did review those words or played with the dog instead.

Both app reviewers, and I, give My Spelling Test high marks, with an average star rating of 4.5. My only suggestion for improvement would be a more intriguing background or colors, although we are talking about studying here, so maybe it’s not supposed to be visually exciting; just useful!

For only $0.99, My Spelling Test has the potential to be an invaluable study tool for spellers of all ages.

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