5 iPhone Apps for Keeping Kids Healthy

healthy kids
While technology was long thought as unhealthy; with kids lounging in front of the TV or playing games on their phone all day, forward thinking parents know that there are a wealth of iPhone apps for keeping kids healthy. Need some activity ideas? There’s a kids app for that! Got a picky eater that needs some creative nutrition? There’s an app for that, too! Here are 5 of our favorite iPhone apps for keeping kids healthy.

eat this not thatEat This, Not That! The Game
Price: Free
With multiple editions in this free download, including the “Kids’ Edition,” your whole family can test their nutrition knowledge. Kids will have fun as the game flips through food options and players have to select the best eating option. Chili dog or turkey sandwich? I like this game for the fact that not only does it help make kids (and families as a whole) aware of what the foods they eat have in them in regards to nutrition, but it can also spur conversation about healthy choices and finding balance between cheeseburgers and carrot sticks.

Rosita’s Jump Count
Price: $1.99
Does your little one want to play with your iPhone, but you want them to burn off some of that energy? Rosita’s Jump Count is a simple, yet fun, app from Sesame Street that helps kids practice their counting with a little movement. As Rosita, a furry Sesame monster, jumps her rope, numbers are counted. However, to make Rosita jump, kids must move the iPhone up and down with their arms, or jump along. We like this one for some  rainy day exercise!

Kids CheckUp
Price: Free
This app, developed by Cook Children’s Healthcare is a mobile reference for parents when illness, or an unexpected injury occurs. The handy reference guide offers information on long-term conditions, like ADHD as well as what to do about that spider bite that’s swelling up. You’ll get quick reference on first aid treatment, and good barometers of when it’s time to head to the emergency room. When your little peanut isn’t feeling well, it’s nice to have a quick, reliable source of information to refer to on-th-go!

carb counting with lennyCarb Counting with Lenny
Price: Free
For parents of kids that have been diagnosed with Diabetes, teaching kids about the importance of counting carbohydrates to control blood sugar can be a struggle. This app helps teach kids, and their caregivers, about how many carbs are in popular kid foods – with the assistance of a friendly lion named Lenny. “This or That” quiz games combine with food guides that feature pictures, instead of words, and a quick carb counter to track daily intake. A helpful tool for parents and kids working through childhood diabetes.

Price: Free
WakeMyMojo is a laid back health tracking app for kids and teens to get an overview of how their lifestyle choices affect their health, without too much hullaballoo. Kids can track exercise, like basketball or food choices by selecting simple pictures. Users can also monitor their mood to see how eating well and being active helps them feel better. As positive choices are tracked, points help Mighty Mojo, a mythical creature, stay health and feed off of your energy. This is a fun way for the whole family to pay a little more attention to healthy choices.

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