How to Gift Android Apps

The holidays are upon us and that means that it’s time to start giving the gifts of apps. This is becoming a very popular form of gift cards and gift options because it allows the receiver to enjoy something technical in nature. We are all addicted to our Smartphone and therefore apps with our needs and likes in mind are a great gift to get. If you are an Android user there are a couple of methods by which you can give or receive your favorite apps.

Though there is a simple process for iPhone users to share apps via iTunes, Android users have a slightly more complicated route. This was a problem in the past for those Android users that wanted to share the wealth and offer their favorite apps to friends and family.

Up until recently there was no way of sending gift apps to fellow Android users. This has been seen as something surprisingly lacking from Google. Some may argue that many of the Android apps are free or low in price, but the bottom line is that Android users want the option to purchase apps as gifts. iPhone’ers can do it, after all! Fortunately a couple of options have come to the forefront to help with this problem. Though you may not have as many options as an iPhone user, this at least offers a helpful solution just in time for the holidays.

Amazon App Store for Android
The most popular way by which Android users can give the gift of apps is through the Amazon App Store for Android.  Amazon has had such great success with gift cards for other devices and Smartphones that they get on in the act for the Android market.

What Amazon does in this online marketplace is to stack the Android apps into easy to see categories. Therefore, just as you would search through the Android marketplace on your phone, you can shop the same way in this dedicated Amazon site. Those wishing to purchase any of these apps for loved ones can simply shop, purchase a gift card for this specific purpose, and then send it or give it in person. The only limitation is that you have to shop through the Amazon online store, but it is rather comprehensive and should have nearly any app that you are looking for.

Mobiroo Answers the Call
There are also other smaller app retailers offering methods for Android users to share apps. As of very recently a small, but well established startup company, by the name of Mobiroo is taking a piece of this market share. Mobiroo offers gift cards for Android apps and the credits loaded onto them are good for their own shop.

What this means is that Android users that are interested in purchasing gift cards can get them, but they must use them in the Mobiroo catalog specifically. Though they may not have every Android app out there, they certainly have a reputable offering. This may help to fill the void and allow Android users to finally give the gift of apps to their friends and family at the holidays. It’s expected that many more smaller start up companies will get in on this act to help Android users in what could be a lucrative market.

What do you think? Do you plan to gift Android apps this holiday season?