Disney Appmates Toys: A Cool Way to Play

AppMates Into Disney has taken the first step to meshing the days of playing with Matchbox cars on the floor with the technology of the iPad. AppMATes toys are Disney’s tech-savvy version of a Hot Wheels play set. (The MAT stands for “Mobile Application Toys”)

The physical toys, based on the characters from Cars, are equipped with a touch footprint on the bottom of the toy that the iPad senses when set on top of the tablet. At about the size of a typical toy Matchbox car, the toys will be priced at $20 for a set of two and sold through the Disney Store, both in-store and online. The app to play on, however, is free and available via iTunes.

So how, exactly, will the kids play? Once the Appmates app is open, a road course (that look similar to the graphics from the movie “Cars”) appears on the screen. When the Appmates toys are set on top of the iPad, they become an interactive part of the app that kids can push around the course in the app.

Different modes allow players to explore Radiator springs, race other cars and complete specific missions with their Appmates cars. Now all you’ll have to worry about is preventing the kids from using all of their toy cars on top of the iPad! Disney Appmates are available for purchase now. Let us know what your kids think of this tech-play hybrid!