Best iPad Book App Ever

Mr. Morris Interactive storybooks available in the iTunes store run range from boring to extraordinary. On the far end of the extraordinary side of the scale is this app: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Messimore. Priced at $4.99

This incredible storybook plays out much like an animated film on the iPad, with stunning moving graphics and crisp sound that tell the the story of a group of people who are devoted to books. Through this devotion, they discover that books are a powerful source of inspiration, power and unwavering friendship.

While the story is inspiring, the graphics and interaction is truly captivating. Or, as your kids would put it, “totally cool!”

While other interactive storybooks may allow you to turn the page or tap on a picture, within The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Messimore, you can play a piano, draw or play one of many games; all while exploring the art of reading.

This would be a great selection for toddlers with a budding interest in books, or a fun interactive treat for your elementary student with a voracious reading appetite. Check it out!