Best Free Android Apps for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids is something that a lot of parents worry about, but if you use the right Android apps to keep little minds entertained, you’ll never have to worry again!  I know that for me the thought of  spending hours at an airport or in a car with the youngsters causes instant anxiety. “Are we there yet?” “Mom, I’m bored.” “Mom, MOM! I need a snack.” Ah, I can hear their little voices now! However, downloading the right Android kids’ apps can put the fun back in family travel! These apps will help you to plan the trip, find the best kid-friendly spots, and enjoy your journey every step of the way.

PlayPlaces Kids Road Trip
You can use this to help make the car trip easier and minimize how often you are hearing the dreaded “are we there yet?” This app helps you to see where you are at and what’s nearby so that both kids and parents are up-to-date on when they will be arriving at the final destination. You can plug into what restaurants are nearby and what kid friendly locations you can stop at for a little break from the car. There is always a playground or Chuck E’ Cheese around the corner and this app helps you to locate it…quickly! T

Kids Meal Deals
Price: Free
Your kids are going to get hungry wherever you travel—that’s a given! So why not make the meals kid friendly and affordable? It doesn’t matter if you are traveling by air or by car, if you are going to a big city or a smaller town because this app can help. Kids meal deals will simply display what restaurants are nearby and which ones offer meal deals for kids. You’ll be armed with up-t0-date info on the best kid meal promotions and ready to save some dough. Why not take advantage of an app that makes planning meals on-the-go easy and ensures that neither your child’s stomach, nor your wallet, is empty at any point!

My City 24/7
Price: Free
My City 24/7 enables you to tap into what the best resources and attractions in the city that you are traveling to. This app has a built in GPS to pull up the hot spots in your vacation headquarters, like restaurants, gas stations or theaters. Once you arrive you can also use this app to find points of interest and things that will help to keep the kids entertained. A great tool for some last minute planning!


Bingo Road Trip 
Price: $0.99
Not only can you use your Android for trip planning, but it makes an ideal portable entertainment device, too! Road Trip Bingo was created specifically for road trips and allows the whole family to get involved with an in-car game. Who doesn’t love Bingo? With this app, you’ll be on the lookout for bingo items along your travel route, so turn off the in-car DVD player for a bit, and let this app help you take in your surroundings.