Best Christmas Apps for iPad

Whether the iPad has become a favorite tech toy of the kids in your house, or a special someone is receiving one from Santa this year, the best iPad Christmas apps offer a whole new way to bring the holiday spirit to life. You can explore your favorite Christmas stories or start new traditions for your family by gathering around the tree with the glow of your iPad and getting on your cheer! Here are a few of our picks for the best iPad Christmas apps of 2011:

A Charlie Brown Christmas
Price: $4.99
Although this app doesn’t come with the most inexpensive price tag, it offers new ways to bring the classic tale, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to life. Within the app, kids are able to simply explore the story of Charlie Brown’s Christmas, or take advantage of the interactive features that add a whole new element of cool to the story. As with most interactive storybooks, narration can be turned on or off, allowing kids to read independently or with some help. Play-along activities include matching games, a piano to play a tune and more.

Christmas Activity Book HD
Price: Free
This app is packed with Christmas activities to keep little minds and fingers busy while you wrap gifts. And it’s free! Cute graphics are paired with games that include matching gifts, counting ornaments, Christmas sing-alongs, flying Santa through a maze of presents and more. With fun music and activities that are easy to comprehend, this is a stellar Christmas iPad app for toddlers.

Winter Land
Price: $0.99
This iPad board game is a cool way for kids and parents to play together. The Christmas-themed game is based on the idea that gifts have fallen from Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve and players must use their game pieces to help re-load the sleigh. Meanwhile, mini games including a card match and wheel spin challenge keep the game engaging. This one is full of great graphics and has that real-life board game feel to it.

The Night Before Christmas
Price: $1.99
Oh, man…This one is cute! You know how the story goes, “T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house…” Although it seems like if you’ve seen one Christmas storybook app, you’ve seen them all, this one offers a few fun twists. First and foremost, the narration is in a truly regal British accent; which will leave you wanting tea and crumpets.  Moreover, the animation in the book is far more than the typical cartoon look. Each picture has an almost 3-D feel that looks as though the characters were created with clay, or paper cut-outs. With great narration and unique graphics, this is one the kids will love!

Color Mix HD – Christmas
Price: $1.99
Kids like to color and draw? Color Mix HD lets kids color-in pages, draw freehand and make their own colors by mixing existing colors on the app’s paint pallet! During the Christmas season the coloring pages have holiday themes, but the best part is that this app will update according to the holiday season; for $1.99 you’re getting an app that will keep the kids engaged all the year long!