Best Apps for Sending Christmas Cards from Your iPhone

christmas card appsSitting down to hand address Christmas cards can be a daunting task. Card after card, your risk of Carpal Tunnel increases while your handwriting starts to look your toddler’s instead of your own. Not to mention, sending a personalized card requires planning far enough in advance to select the perfect family photo to use and waiting for your family’s greeting to arrive.

However, as is the case with most things, the iPad has made sending Christmas cards an easy task. Everyone could you a little extra dose of cheer this time of year, so why not send out your greetings with the help of your favorite tech device? Here are three of the best apps for sending Christmas cards with your iPad or iPhone.
Price: Free
With Smilebox, you can convert your favorite iPhone or iPad photos into instant holiday greetings. After selecting your favorite festive photo – perhaps some fun in the snow, or that cookie making marathon with the kids – doll it up with stickers and graphics from the app. The “sticker” graphics range from “naughty” or “nice” badges, to reindeer antlers and a classic Rudolph nose. Aside from being cute, the graphics are crisp, clear, festive and really well done. The end result looks like something that took far more time and effort than it did, and finished “cards” can be cataloged to send later, or shot off to friends immediately via email, text or Facebook.

Christmas C@rds
Price: $1.99
Christmas C@rds lets users import their own photos and messages into pre-designed templates. However, the templates can be personalized even further, as the users are given the ability to adjust the color of text and backgrounds; making this app a little more in-depth than some of the other available iPhone Christmas card apps. There are a wide array of looks available in the templates in Christmas C@rds, all of which can be shared with the standard email, text or social media.  Whether you want green trees, or gold embossed messages, this is the mobile Christmas card app for  you.

Holiday Cards by Sincerely Ink
Price: Free (Cards: $1.69/each)
Here’s a different take on the iPhone Christmas card app: Holiday Cards by Sincerely Ink. This app allows you to choose from a wide selection of pre-designed cards that users can upload their own photos and personal message to. The twist? Instead of sending the finished cards electronically, they are printed by Sincerely Ink in hard copy and sent to your recipients – in the mail. You know, those envelopes that show up in the mailbox? Cards cost about $1.69/each including postage and can be completed in a matter of minutes. This is a cool option for the card sender who is short on time, but wants a professional, personalized, printed card sent out.


Do you plan to you use your mobile phone to send Christmas cards this year? Can you suggest other apps? Please leave us a comment.