Best Android Tablet Apps for Kids

Galaxy TabSince the release of the iPad, competitors have been releasing a myriad of tablets on the Android market. While the Apple iPad may be the most recognizable tablet, Android fans are flocking to devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Toshiba Thrive. Manufactured by major electronics brands, these Android tablets are every bit as sleek and mobile as the iPad, but apps must come from the Android market, opposed to browsing the top lists in Apple’s iTunes store.

Never fear, though! Android developers are releasing an increasing number of kids’ apps just for Android tablets, and here, we’ll take you through some of our favorites:

Color & draw Color & Draw for Kids HD
Price: $0.99
This high resolution app is a mobile art box for kids. Users can take part in simply “coloring” on the tablet by selecting a color and using their finger as a pen, or draw over pictures in a coloring-book fashion. The app also features a large selection of stickers that can be used to decorate drawings created in the app, or photos imported to the app.

Kids Arcadia Kids Arcadia

Price: Free
Kids Arcadia is a free app for the Android Honeycomb tablet that features various games to help build the educational skill set and aid in the development of children ages 5-8. Games include matching, finding hidden objects in photos, comparing pictures and matching letters to aid in alphabet learning. There’s lots to do in this free Android tablet app!

Acoustic World Acoustic World for Kids
Price: Free
Acoustic world features high quality photos of animals, cars, musical instruments and the real-life sounds that the objects make. As each photo shows up, the app shows the name of the object and plays the corresponding sound. As a cool extra, the names can also be shown in (get this…) English, German, Greek, Spanish, French & Italian. Great for kids in the U.S., out of the U.S., in bi-lingual families or for parents who simply want to expose their kids to different tongues.

Kid Connects Kids Connect Animals
Price: Free
Animals, letters and numbers are all brought to life in this tracing app. As pcitures appear on the screen, dots labeled with letters or numbers are shown in the shape of the item. Children either touch each dot, in the proper sequence, to draw the line, or draw from dot to dot with their finger. A fun way to practice letter and number sequences.

Map Kids Maps – Tablet Puzzle Game

Price: $1.99
This geography app is well put together and easy to operate. As kids learn fun facts about each state, they’re granted the colorful shape of the state to drag and drop to the appropriate place. Geography is fun, and so are the tid bit facts, included here.