LEGO and iPhone Make One Cool Toy: Capture your LEGO Creations with an iPhone Game

An increasing number of America’s favorite toy manufacturers; like Disney and Lego, are beginning to produce products that interact with Apple’s iOS devices. Recently, LEGO, every child’s favorite building block source, announced their new game “Life of George.”  Take heed, however, because Life of George is far more than a few blocks. Instead, this interactive game, available for about $30 uses advanced technology to coordinate with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad while challenging users to build different models to spec.

LEGO’s “Life of George” is based on the life of a virtual engineer and adventurer, whose storyline presents users with challenges to build  different objects. As users utilize the 144-blocks that come with the game purchase, they must build their model on the game’s “play mat.” The play mat, which looks like a game board arranged with grids of dots, is much like a green screen utilized by television and film productions, helping the game itself recognize the dimensions of the completed project. Once on the mat, the iPhone’s camera is utilized to photograph the object and allow the game app to judge the accuracy of the LEGO build, according to the initial specifications.

However, this isn’t meant to be a leisurely LEGO construction game. “Life of George” scores users based on how quickly and accurately they constructed the assigned object. For an added level of competition, users can also play against a second user in the same room for head-to-head block building fun. Those who wish to capture their own models can also build LEGO creations and capture the models within the game app for a little more relaxed fun.

“Life of George” seems like it will be a fun interactive platform for young LEGO builders, as well as adults that have been waiting for an excuse to start playing with those familiar LEGO bricks again!
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