iPad Rental Service

IPad Have you ever wanted an iPad to help you find your way around a new city or entertain yourself on a long airplane ride; but you just couldn’t justify the investment? A new service, Flying Connected, is now offering iPads for rent!

Based out of New York City, the service offers iPads, as well as iPhones and other mobile devices such as laptops and GPS units, for rent in the New York City area. The idea of the business is that travelers can rent an iPad, pre-loaded with the necessary apps, to have a mobile guide for the city or to take along on flights out of New York.

According to the Flying Connected website, iPad rentals start at $15/day and can even be delivered to your hotel in the City, or the airport.

Would you ever rent an iPad to help navigate your way through the city or keep kids entertained on a flight? We’re waiting to see if these services grow in popularity just as rented designer purses and other pricey accessories have!