How to Get Free Ringtones for your Android Phone

by Alonso

One of the best things about Android powered phones is that you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to customization.  You can choose to have traditional wallpapers or unique, moving Live Wallpapers, the icons can be changed, even the whole layout of the phone can be changed.  Perhaps the most distinguishable piece of phone customization, however, is the ringtone.  Long gone are the days of paying for ringtones; it is fairly easy to get free ringtones on your Android phone, so read on to find out how!


1) Decide on what song or sound you will use

The first step in getting a free ring tone is deciding what you even want to use as a song or sound clip.  Will it be your favorite song, or an instantly recognizable sound from pop culture, like a quote from The Godfather, a police siren or the squawk of an angry bird?

2) Put the MP3 file on your phone

Whether you ripped the song off a CD, downloaded it through a torrenting program or found the clip online, make sure that it is in MP3 format.  After the MP3 file is on your computer, connect your phone to your computer through the USB cable and open up the folder that appears.  Navigate to the “Music” folder, and copy the MP3 file into that folder.


3) Download and install Myxer

This free app is a great tool for making your own ringtones.  Myxer works very similar to Ringdroid, but offers more flexibility, as well as the ability to check out other people’s own creations.






4) Select “Make Your Own”

Bring up the menu by clicking on the button and dragging your finger in an upwards motion.  In this menu, various options are provided including the ability to search for ringtones, download ringtones and MP3s, get wallpapers and make your own ringtones.  Go ahead and click on the button that says “Make Your Own”





5) Select the file you want to make your ringtone from

All of the audio files on your phone will then appear in the menu.  Remember the file that we moved onto our phone earlier?  Scroll through the list until you find it, and then click on it.  For this example, I will be using the last song in the list.





6) Select the area of the song that you want to keep

Here is the fun part!  Once the song’s audio file has been loaded into the app, you are given a complete view of the song’s waveform.  You will then be able to select two different handles, and make a selection as big or as small as you’d like.  Skip through the song until you find the part you want to use as the ringtone, and adjust the selection so that it envelops that entire section.  Hit the Play icon to playback the selection, and make sure that it starts and ends as smoothly as possible so you are left with a high quality ringtone.



7) Save the selection, and enjoy!

Once you are thoroughly satisfied with your selection, and you can’t get it any smoother, click on the Save button.  When the menu pops up, select what type of notification you want to save it as.  If you’d like, you can save the file as a ringtone, an alarm, or a notification.  You are also given the chance to rename the file, to keep things organized.  Hit the Save button again, and enjoy your new ringtone!



Extra Tip: If you don’t want to spend any time creating your own ringtones, Zedge is a wonderful, free app that provides thousands of free wallpapers, ringtones, alarm tones and notification tones.  If you are searching for something popular, chances are great that Zedge will have it.  Want the Transformers sound? A funny audio clip of Bugs Bunny? This app will have this, and much more.