Best New Kids Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch

new kids apps
We love to look at all of the new kids apps posted by developers in our “New Apps” section.  Everyday, information on the newest iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps are uploaded to directly from developers. If you’re strapped for time and in need of a path to find the best new kids apps, here are a few suggestions of our favorites; including apps to help kids manage time, get ready for bed and learn to draw.

KidsCal for iPad
Price: $1.99
This iPad app is designed to assist children with learning how to read and use calendars, while also teaching the importance of time management and organization. Our little ones watch us manage our time with iPhone apps day in and day out, and with KidsCal they can do the same. The kid-friendly platform features bright colors and icons for sports, homework and more. Kids can select a day and make notes of practices, sleepovers and homework.

iLuvDrawing Animals
Price:  $1.99
I am a horrible artist. Every animal I draw winds up looking like an injured elephant, so this app may get more use by me than my kid! iLuvDrawing Animals helps users learn simple steps to sketch 40 cartoon-like animals. Each step is presented in a dotted line pattern for users to trace over. Finished drawings can be colored in the app and saved; while the skills learned can be transferred to paper!

Price:  $0.99
With Happi, the cow, kids will work to complete simple crossword puzzles by dragging and dropping letters into place. An incorrect answer means the letter gets bounced back and the end result is kids getting to practice spelling in an innovative way. Encouragement for correct letter placement comes from scores that are increased with fewer wrong answers.

Price: $0.99
This is a cool app developed in conjunction with the Stanford School of Education. Kids can use different characters in a variety of backgrounds to let their imagination soar and create customized iPad “cartoons.” When the users starts recording, they use their finger to move characters, which are essentially virtual puppets, throughout a scene. When played back with the recorded voice overs, kids have their very own cartoon!

Off To Bed
Price: $2.99
Off To Bed is an interactive storybook that will make bedtime more enticing for little ones who would prefer to stay up and play. As the storybook/lullaby moves along, children will find interactive pieces, such as stars that make noise when touched, and other games that bring the bedtime story to life.

Mermaid Waters: Adventures of Hana & Cory
Price: Free
This innovative app combines an interactive storybook with a series of games to help children learn math. As children move through an underwater adventure they are presented with opportunities to practice number recognition, adding, and ordering objects. Different levels are customized to keep kids ages 4 to 6 entertained and challenged simultaneously.

Monkey and the Crocodile
Price: $0.99
This interactive storybook is a colorful re-telling of an Indian folktale. The app itself is filled with bright, engaging illustrations and educational facts, while the storyline holds a moral in itself. Children can choose to be read to (in English, or Hindi!) or can read along with the book, which is ideal for new and blossoming readers. Beyond the storyline itself, pages within the iBook can be explored by touching different graphics to reveal tid bits of animal knowledge. For $0.99, this storybook is a great buy!

Pre-K Letters and Numbers
Price: Free
Pre-K Letters and Numbers is a mom or dad’s best friend in helping prepare little learners for the first days of school. This intuitive app helps children work on number and letter recognition, as well as the formation of characters. A kid-friendly interface allows children to trace letters and numbers with a directed pattern, and build their writing skills while simultaneously reinforcing number and letter sequence. A handy report card feature helps parents see where kids need improvement and what areas their tots are thriving in. Not to mention, the graphics are darn cute, too!