Best LeapPad Apps

leap pad appsWith the Leap Pad on the market, a growing number of kids are getting to play with a tablet created just for them. While the selection of apps available for the Leap Pad surely isn’t as vast as those for the iPad, they are tailored just to little ones – ensuring that your kids are safe and viewing appropriate content. Here, we review a few of the best Leap Pad apps.

Story Studio
Ideal for kids 4 to 9 years of age, StoryStudio LeapPad app comes in a few different versions. Each allows kids to essentially write their own personalized storybook by inserting their own pictures into cartoon backgrounds and forming a unique story. Whether your kids are more interested in writing tales about princesses or pirates, there’s sure to be a StoryStudio app that gets the creative juices flowing.

Roly Poly Picnic
When kids want to play a game, Roly Poly LeapPad app offers the intuitive play style that everyone loves about tablets with an educational twist. Players much direct their roly poly through mazes to collect the appropriate letters to spell the “magic word.” When the letters are all in place, the roly poly is rewarded with picnic food. This game offers a fun way to learn phonics, letter recognition and even work on some spelling practice of basic sight words.

top leap pad appsMonkey Soccer Math League
Practicing math with monkeys makes addition much more fun! To get to the game portion of blocking goals between monkey teams, kids must answer math equations set in soccer themes, with numbers on jerseys and answers on soccer balls. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can all be practiced.

good leap pad appsSing-A-Long Read-A-Long
This cool LeapPad storybook app follows a group of monster-like characters on a school-going adventure. Unlike regular e-books where kids can read along, or be read to, this one is a sing-along. The entire book is read as a song. As each word is read, or sung, it is highlighted so kids can sing along. An innovative way to foster reading, and singing!

leappad appsSugar Bugs
Although learning about oral hygiene may not sound like fun, Sugar Bugs helps kids realize the importance of keeping their teeth healthy while playing a game. In the Leap Pad app, kids use various tools, like floss and dental picks to remove sugar bugs and plaque. As kids knock out cavities, they’ll learn the importance of their own oral health in a much more entertaining way than you nagging them to brush their teeth.