Best Free Kids Book Apps for Android

Reading a story before bedtime is a wonderful experience many parents will remember in delight when thinking back on when they raised their child. In this new technological age, hundreds of kid’s books are available at the tip of your fingers on your android device. It can be difficult to find the best free kids book apps for Android, however, this article will cover the best children’s book apps that are absolutely free.

MeeGenius Children’s Books
Price: Free
MeeGenius Children’s Books is a one stop shop for free kid’s book apps. Stories such as The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Three Little Pigs, Pinocchio, and hundreds more are available for free to read. Each book is colorfully illustrated and one of the best features of this kid’s book app is that many of the stories have an included audio file where the book is read to the child. MeeGenius also includes a digital bookshelf where you can save all of your favorite children’s books and stories to be read a later time. With it’s lush visual illustrations, anyone who is interested in free kids book apps should look first at MeeGenius.

Price: Free
iStoryBooks takes your favorite children’s stories and transforms them into an interactive adventure. Some of the books that are included are Snow White, Cinderella, and The World of Dinosaurs. One of the best features about this kids book app for Android is that is very user friendly and your child should have no issue navigating the various stories and being able to read his or her favorite book on their own.

Story Time For Kids
Price: Free

Like some of the other Android kid’s book apps, Story Time for kids is a colorful program that includes five free story time books with the option for the user to read the book themselves or to have the program read it to them. The illustrations done in Story Time for Kids is out of this world and the animation is beautiful. This kid’s book app is a great way to kill some time while waiting at the doctor’s office or to be able to get a quick story in before nap time.

Alphabet Book
Price: Free
Alphabet Book is a great way to entertain your younger child and promote learning by recognizing the various letters of the alphabet. While meant for a fun method for younger child to be entertained while learning letters and shapes, older children will enjoy this book app as well.


Kid Coloring, Kid Paint
Price: Free
Every child loves coloring in their coloring book and Kid Coloring, Kid Paint brings the magic of doing so for the Android. There are over twenty different pages you can choose from and there are tons of different colors that can be used. One of the best features about this kids book Android app is the many different colors, allowing each picture that is painted to be unique and will allow any child to take pride in creating.