Best Free Android Coloring Apps for Kids

Coloring AppsWhether you’re young, or just young at heart, coloring is one activity that never loses its charm. Perhaps that’s why coloring apps are among the most popular kids’ apps in the Android Market. They are the perfect mix of classic fun and modern technology. Lucky for you, many of the best coloring apps for Android are also free.

Best free coloring apps
Color Me

Price: Free

Color Me is quite possibly my favorite free coloring app for Android. It combines an intelligent interface, two distinct coloring modes and a fun selection of scenes, making it one of the best coloring apps for kids. Kids will use a unique swipe motion to navigate between pictures of sea creatures, baby animals and ferocious dinosaurs. In simple mode even the youngest coloring enthusiast can create with ease while advanced mode has additional options for older kids. The app’s fun soundtrack doesn’t hurt, either.

Alphabet Coloring Book for KidAlphabet Coloring Book for Kids

Price: Free

Fun and education collide in the Alphabet Coloring Book for Kids coloring app for Android. Children will color their way through the alphabet, one letter at a time. And while they color purple parachutes and green gloves, they’ll learn important language recognition skills. If they find the simple color options boring, visit the settings menu to unlock advanced colors.

Best coloring appsI’m Painter

Price: Free

Why limit your child’s creativity to cartoon-like pictures? Introduce him to the classics with the I’m Painter free coloring app for Android. This app contains 22 famous images from Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Goya and more, and an easy to use paint interface with custom color creation. Color the classics or enjoy the originals in a unique gallery.

coloring apps for kids

Burt’s Coloring Book Free

Price: Free

For a streamlined coloring experience and glossy selection of scenes, the Burt’s Coloring Book Free Android app is ideal. Choose from two user modes: babies for children under 3, and kids for all other ages. This may be the best free coloring app for an Android tablet. The universal app makes excellent use of larger screens.

Best coloring appsColoring Book

Price: Free

Choose from over 90 images for hours of fun with this coloring app for kids. Any PNG file on your Android can be turned into a custom coloring creation and shared with family and friends.

Best Free Coloring Apps for AndroidShapes Coloring for Kids

Price: Free

Introduce your little one to the wide world of shapes with this extensive coloring app for kids. Blend effects help her create unique scenes, and fun clip art completes the picture.

coloring apps for kidsColoring Book for Kids

Price: Free

Let this app choose a random drawing for you to color, sparking creative imagination, or create a completely unique color for a custom coloring app experience. A wide variety of share and save options make Coloring Book for Kids one of the best free kids apps out there.

Best Free Coloring Apps for AndroidKid Coloring & Kid Paint

Price: Free

Kids can choose from a rainbow of signature colors in this free coloring app for Android. Color one of the fun scenes, or import your own photo. Supports direct drawn and color fill for the ultimate creative outlet.