7 Best iPhone, iPod Touch Apps For Students

School_clipart_boy_writting It has been 3 months since schools started! While the essential supplies like backpacks, pencils and paper are still a necessity, many parents and teachers are using the best apps for students to enhance the learning experience. Whether your kindergartener¬† his mastering the art of writing their name, or your high school senior is studying for finals, there’s an app to help them learn!

IHomework iHomework
Price: $1.99
It seems like the homework load is getting much bigger, much sooner for today’s students. Help keep track of all that needs done after school is out with the iHomework app. Assignments can be entered and sorted by class, due date, teacher and entered as far in advance as necessary, making this an ideal app for tracking both short and long-term assignments. Daily reminders or weekly overviews are available to help kids, and parents, make a realistic completion plan.

Algebra Touch Algebra Touch
Price: $2.99
Math can be a bright spot or low point on a child’s report card, and as that math becomes more complex, so do the studying requirements. Algebra Touch helps students just learning Algebra, or those in need of a skill refresher for higher level courses, by walking through each step of a problem. By completing a problem with app-led steps, users see how and why numbers interact in algebraic equations. Mom & Dad: This may be a great refresher for you, too, if you have to help your high schoolers with homework!

IStart Spanish iStart! Spanish
Price: $4.99
iStart! Spanish takes the best parts of an actual Spanish class and puts them into app form for high school or college students taking a Spanish course, or younger kids working on a new language with their parents. The app utilizes voice features from multiple native speakers, as well as an English tutor, so that users can hear different accents and receive full explanations of grammar and pronunciation. The pictures, clear voices and easy-to-understand interface of this app make it muy bien!

Stack the States
Price: $0.99
Can you point out Delaware on the map? What states border Wyoming? Help your student master the geography of the United States with Stack the States. This affordable app teaches children about the names, nicknames, shapes, locations and capitals of states through a series of questions and flashcards. As users successfully complete each level, they are awarded a random state to place on their empty map. Addictive? Yes. Once I started to play with this app, all I wanted was a full map! While Stack the States is ideal for elementary and high school students, this would also be fun for the whole family to refine their American geographic knowledge.

Mathemagics Mathemagics
Price: $4.99
Students will quickly build math confidence by learning the tips and tricks within Mathemagics. Basic formulas explain to users how to do equations easily with “Mathemagic!” Some of the functions include multiplication, squaring numbers, finding numbers that are evenly divisible and working with 9’s. Even kids who struggle with math will benefit from the “Aha!” tricks that this app teaches.

Presidents vs. Aleins Presidents Vs. Aliens
Price: $0.99
Just when you thought learning about the Presidents was getting a little tedious, this stellar educational app makes Presidential learning new again. Presidents vs. Aliens helps students learn the names, faces, nicknames, order and other relevant facts about all of our U.S. Presidents. As users correctly answer questions, the fun begins: presidents can be flung at a line-up of aliens to overcome their evil! The incorporation of a game with some serious learning material is genius on this one!

Price: $0.99
PopMath is a highly popular math app that makes users practice some mental math. As bubbles with equations and answers float through the air, users first touch an equation to pop its “bubble,” followed by the corresponding answer. A great tool to prep for timed tests or simply keep the mind sharp! Settings allow the game to be customized for addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

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