Should I Upgrade to iPhone 4S? Pros and cons

IPhoneThe new iPhone will be in stores on Oct 14th! Many of my friends have been waiting for it to come out so that they can upgrade or purchase an iPhone for the first time. If you are upgrading to iPhone4S from iPhone3GS, or an earlier model, the switch is is a no brainer; go ahead and do it. The new features are well worth it! However if you already own iPhone4, the decision to upgrade to iPhone 4S or not is not as clear cut. Below we list the pros and cons.

Why should you upgrade to iPhone4S?

  • Fantastic imaging & video capture with an 8MPixel camera and 1080p HD video capture, automatic face detection and video stabilization.
  • The form factor did not change, so your iPhone4 cases will perfectly fit the iPhone 4S.
  • Dual core processor to support all those demanding apps and games.
  • Double the download speeds (14.4 Mbps vs 7.2 Mbps on the iPhone4)
  • Intelligent assistant and voice to text support with Siri.


Why should you not upgrade to iPhone4S?

  • You do not get a new form factor, thus the iPhone 4S it will feel just like your “old” iphone 4.
  • Battery life is only slightly improved over iPhone4.
  • If the camera features are not a major deciding factor in your phone choice.

As Apple continues to release updated, and improved versions of the iPhones, evaluating the changes and your needs as a user are key to making the vital decision: to 4S, or not?
What do you think; will you upgrade? If so, what will you do with your old phone? Sell it, give it to your kids, or toss it in the desk drawer in case you ever need a back-up?