Hot Wheels Goes High Tech with Video Capture

 Not long ago, Hot Wheels were simply small metal cars that required kids to make their own “vroom vroom” noises. While the old school Hot Wheels of yesteryear are still available, Hot Wheels has also gone high-tech with the Video Racer.

The sleek-looking Video Racer car has a camera mounted in the front of the car. To record video, users touch the record button and set the car on a Hot Wheels track, or…check this out: the car can also be mounted on a bike helmet, handlebars or anywhere else kids can think of to take cool video. The mounting capability means that this car isn’t just a car; it’s a portable video camera!

Instant re-play is avaialable via an LCD screen on the bottom of the car, or Hot Wheels offers a free download for Windows operated computers that lets kids download and edit videos on their computer.

For about $60 this seems like a cool, kid-friendly tech gift that lets them play with technology while remaining active.

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