Best Montessori Apps

Montessori is a term that most people have heard, but are unsure of exactly what it means. However, parents choosing to school their children under the principles of the Montessori method are advocates of the child-centered learning methods. Developed by an Italian educator, Montessori aims to develop a child’s natural interests rather than utilize formal teaching methods. For parents that are already fans, or those that want to check it out, this week we review some of the best Montessori apps.

Montessorium: Intro to Math

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Intro to Math is a comprehensive Montessori math app that leads young children through the various steps of learning basic math. Features include number tracing, arranging bar graphs in order of size, and simple games that help with counting. Although the price may seem high, parents rave about the simple interface and levels that promote learning through doing, and building upon skills.

Montessorium: Intro to Letters

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This is another app produced by developer Montessorium and although you may initially balk at the price, this is one I’ll be downloading personally for my little guy and nephews. Intended to help children learn the alphabet, as well as letter sounds the app allows kids to choose the letters they want to work on, then trace the letter and hear its sound. This app seems like a great way to let kids explore the alphabet and become comfortable with letters!

Montessori Numberland

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In this app, kids work with guides Tam and Tao as they count objects in different settings, trace numbers in a notebook where they can choose what color to write with and count with objects common in Montessori methods, like spindles, to begin understanding quantity. As an added bonus, kids can explre different languages as this one operates in both English and French!

Montessori Crosswords - Fun Phonics Game for Kids

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Designed around the Montessori concepts of learning phonics, this app uses the basic format of a crossword puzzle to help children learn letter sounds and spelling. For clues, a picture is provided. Then, children drag and drop the appropriate letters, hearing the sound of the letter after each touch. Even for kids not being taught solely with the Montessori method, this is a fun app for learning words.

Stamp Game
Stamp Game | Price: $4.99

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Based on an actual game designed by Montessori creator, Maria Montessori, the stamp games helps kids work with numbers by dragging and dropping numbered “stamps” to work on math problems at the bottom of the screen. This one is as authentic as it gets.