Best Halloween Apps for Kids

Intro jack o lanternIt’s that time of year; when pumpkins line the driveway, cobwebs adorn the porch and fun size candy bars take over the shelves of drug stores. While your little ghouls and goblins prepare for trick-or-treating at the end of the month, get them in a festive mood with the best iPhone Halloween apps.

Zombie me Zombie Me
Price: $1.99
Like the popular app “Fat Booth,” Zombie Me allows you to turn photos of yourself and friends into a spooky zombie. After a photo is imported to the app, you can apply different features like a bloody lip, sunken eyes or a ghoulish hand. If you need costume ideas, this app can provide a digital preview  of what you’ll look like in zombie garb.

Coin push Coin Dozer Halloween
Price: Free
One of my favorite apps to pass the time is coin dozer, in which you simply drop coins in strategic areas to try and get a “mechanical” arm to push other coins and items off a ledge to earn you points…and more coins. This Halloween edition features black cats, jack-o-lanterns and candy corn on the platform for a fun Fall game. Just be sure to turn off in-app purchases, as there is the opportunity to purchase more coins. However, there’s never a need to buy them if you re-start the game or get good at playing!

Carve it! Carve It
Price: $0.99
Avoid all that goopy pumpkin seed mess and let kids carve a virtual pumpkin, or 10, with Carve It! In each new screen, users are presented with a full pumpkin an a harvest setting. To carve, kids simply drag their finger to the shapes they want; which seems to be an improvement over the cookie cutter settings of other pumpkin carving apps. Finished jack-o-lanterns can be saved, and a bonus game lets users launch pumpkins with a slingshot to score points.

Pumkin Pad Pumpkin Pad
Price: $1.99
iPad users will find lots to do in this pumpkin decorating app. Presented with a blank pumpkin and Mr. Potato Head-like decorations, users apply the features they like best. The finished pumpkins, with wacky features and all, are then placed in a background of your choice and accompanied by your music selection for a full-on virtual Halloween decorating experience. Lots of great music for little ones and plenty of different decorating options.

Monster Much Monster Munch
Price: Free
In Monster Munch, players are transformed into a little zombie that they must move back and forth across the screen to avoid falling monsters, and eat as many pumpkins as possible. This is one of those simple games that grabs the attention of kids and adults alike; a fun way to pass the time until Halloween.