Best Free Apps for Babies

Baby clip artby Natalie

Since having my first little one, it has become completely clear to me that babies are fascinated by anything that glows. And that means an iPhone screen. Noticing an affinity for focusing on my phone has sent me on a hunt for the best free apps for babies.

While it is imperative to play with your children and hone their development the old fashioned way; with toys, hand movements and song, using free baby apps as an additional layer of interaction with your children is a creative way to spend more quality time together.

Free baby ASL Baby Sign Language Free
Price: Free
Learning sign language is a great way to communicate with non-verbal little ones. The Baby Sign Language Free app provides easy-to-follow instructions that allow parents and babies to work together and learn signs for basic phrases like “mom,” “dad,” “eat,” and “bath.” This app fosters fun interaction between babies and their caregivers while giving those little brains a workout.
Free baby ASL SS

Baby Flashcards Baby Flashcards
Price: Free
What parent hasn’t held up items and said their name aloud. You know what I mean: you hold up a sock and say clearly, “Sock. So-ck.” The Baby Flashcards app has taken that game and made it virtual. The free version includes 250 colorful flashcards that feature items ranging from accordions to the zoo. Parents simply flip through with their little ones and work on verbal pronunciation.
Baby Flashcards SS

Bubble Snap Bubble Snap
Price: Free
Babies are fascinated by noises and the concept of cause and effect. However, this app is equally as addictive for parents. The concept is beyond simple: you’ll be presented with a screen of puffy bubbles that look just like the bubble wrap that fragile packages come in. As the screen in poked, the bubbles pop. This one is full of giggles and simple wonder for most babies.

Bubble Snap SS

Vocal Zoo Vocal Zoo
Price: Free
Animals and babies are a natural combination. Vocal Zoo presents children with a screen full of high definition animal photos in well-organized squares. As babies touch each animal, a recording of the animals sound is heard. Push the cow, get a “moo.” Touch the lion, hear a “roar!” For an added level or entertainment, the app is set up so that multiple animals can be touched at once for an animal chorus.
Vocal Zoo SS

White Noise White Noise Lite
Price: Free
Has it ever just been too quiet for baby to sleep? When you want to avoid every little bump and squeak from waking baby, the White Noise Lite app is a life saver. Turn on soothing fan noises, crickets or a combination of sounds to create a little background noise and soothe baby. One of the best features is the ability to set timers on the app to turn it on, and off at certain times, so you can leave your iPod on in the nursery and set it to turn off after both you and baby are fast asleep.
White Noise SS