6 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy iPad for Your Kid

No ipad Your youngster wants an iPad. Who doesn’t? We’ve listed reasons why you should buy an iPad for your kid, and now here are some reasons on the opposite end of the spectrum. You can also read our article on 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy iPad For Your Kid.

iPads are Expensive:

iPads are an expensive piece of technology. With the iPad 2 starting at $499, there is lots of room for the argument that kids can simply use the family laptop instead of bringing an entire new $500 device into the mix. If it’s the touch screen and apps that are appealing, lesser expensive options like the iPod Touch are a solution for many parents. 

iPads are Fragile:

 Lots of toys can take a beating. Unfortunately, the iPad isn’t a toy and with one drop from the kitchen table, the screen is likely to shatter, leaving you with a $500 paperweight.

No MS Word Support:

If there’s one software function that school-ages kids really need, it’s the ability to type a paper for school. Unfortunately, the iPad does not support MS Word, which is by far the most popular word processing program. However, there are word processing apps like iWork Pages that allow for word processing in iPad format.

iPads are Easy to Lose:

The iPad 2 is extraordinarily thin. So thin, in fact, that it is easy to see how the tablet could become easily lost in a stack of books, homework or somewhere under the seat of a friend’s car. And, unfortunately, once the iPad is out of battery, you’ll be out of luck finding it. If your kid has problems keeping track of both shoes, an iPad may be a little risky.

iPads are Equipped With Lots of Tempting Games:

And, if given the choice, most kids would rather play games than study for their history test. Although there is no denying that the games available for the iPad are highlighted with crisp graphics and addicting strategy; that can be just the kind of distraction that’s too much for some kids to avoid.

iPads are Personal & Difficult to Monitor:

Although the internet is an invaluable tool, it can also be a dangerous place for our children. The iPad, like other mobile devices, allows kids to access the internet and apps from a personal portal that is difficult to monitor. While parental controls are available, most of them are not as fool-proof as blockers available for PC’s, leaving many parents concerned about just what their children are accessing via the iPad.

As with any piece of technology, parents must decide if their child is capable of handling the responsibility and temptations that accompany an iPad based on maturity and attitude. Although, if you ever decide to get an iPad and then revoke the privileges, at least you’ll be left with a cool toy for yourself!