7 Reasons Why You Should Buy iPad For Your Kid

IPad When your child is mesmerized by the iPad ads and finally comes to you begging for one, many parents wonder whether or not they should buy an iPad for their kid. After all, in a world where many parents are struggling to make ends meet, major technology purchases must be carefully considered. Especially one that starts at $500!

If you’re looking for reasons to convince yourself that you should take the leap and buy an iPad for your kid, read on:

The iPad Has Great Educational Apps:

That’s right! The iPad can be considered a study aid for children of all ages. With such a wide range of educational apps available for iPad, kids can study math, spelling, science or even higher level subjects like anatomy with the interactive capabilities of iPad.

The iPad Eliminates Expensive Software Programs:

After purchasing a computer, you’ll still need to buy costly (and necessary) programs like MS Word. However, utilizing the iPad encourages kids to use less expensive word processing apps like iWorks and functions available on-line via GoogleDocs.

The iPad Is Cheaper Than Most Laptops:

We know: $500 sounds like alot for something that you may perceive as a giant iPod. However, the iPad has many of the same functions as a laptop including internet access and word process, plus access to great learning apps and games for less than most laptops cost.

The iPad is Lightweight and Easy to Carry:

Books are heavy. Especially once kids get into high school and college. The iPad is extremely lightweight, allowing students to tote the device in a backpack or shoulder bag without stressing their backs.

The iPad Provides Access to Books:

With iBooks, the iPad allows kids to access thousands of their favorite books without having to purchase all of the actual books or another device, like an e-reader. And what parent can say that they don’t want their kid to have easy access to reading material? Beyond recreational reading, however, the iPad also allows college students to download e-versions of text books for a much lesser cost than the paper version! Cha-ching!

The iPad Provides Access to Information On-the-Go:

We live in a mobile world. Kids are every bit as adults these days with sports, band, volunteering and enjoying social time, and the iPad provides access to information for studying on-the-go. 3G models of the iPad allow kids to access the internet or app store from anywhere that 3G is available, while wi-fi models can hook up from home networks, Starbucks or that free wi-fi in the airport.

The iPad Can Be Used by the Whole Family:

While an iPod Touch may be a purchase specifically for your kid, the iPad is a device that can be shared amongst the family. Dad can use it to play crossword puzzles. Mom can look up recipes or find some new fashion. And little Susie canĀ  use it for homework or a game of Angry Birds.

If you’re still not sure that the iPad is right for your kids, check out our other post on “6 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy an iPad For Your Kid.” Compare notes, consider the options and let us know what you decide!