iPhone Telephoto Lens Mount

SLR mount Having an iPhone camera is handy. It’s great to snap shots of the kids while they’re playing in the sprinklers, or capture a cute moment between siblings. But who hasn’t been on a vacation when their iPhone camera just wasn’t…enough. You know what I mean, you’re standing in a National Park, taking in the scenery with the family and all of a sudden there’s an elk, but it’s just too far away for your iPhone camera to catch.

That problem has been solved.

The iPhone SLR mount allows photography nuts to mount their SLR camera lenses (you know, those huge things that you expect to see news reporters with?) The SLR mount snaps directly over the iPhone camera lens and comes in configurations that allow either the Nikon SLR or Canon EOS lenses to attach. While this product might not be all the rage among everyday iPhone users, we’re sure it will be a fun accessory for photography fanatics.

At $249 per lens holder, SLR and EOS lenses each require a different mount and feature a built-in strap to turn your iPhone into full-on camera!
SLR photo 1
Photo Credit: photojojo.com

SLR photo 2
Photo Credit: photojojo.com