How To Do Screen Capture on an iPhone

Screenshot intro Have you ever had something roll across the screen of your iPhone that you just had to save, but didn’t know how? Perhaps a text from your teenager was too sweet not to capture, or you wanted to store a quick description of a birthday gift idea for your little rascal.

Just like taking a screenshot on a computer, the iPhone is capable of taking screen capture shots that are stored in the device like a photo for easy sharing and storage.

How Do You Do It?

1. Swipe or enlarge the screen until the exact information or photos you want to capture are visible on the iPhone screen.

2. Place one finger over the home button, located on the bottom front center of the iPhone. (This is the button you push when  you want to go back to your app icons.)

3. Place a second finger over the power button on the top right hand corner of the iPhone.

4. Press the home button and power button simultaneously. You should hear a “click,” that sounds like you are taking a photo.

5. Check the phone’s camera roll, where the screenshot Is now stored and ready for saving or sharing!