Best Photo Apps With Amazing Effects

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Photo apps turn your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a magical camera equipped with awesome Photoshop-like effects. However, these apps transform photos into artistic creations without requiring time or skill to edit photos with photography software. And they do it for cheap! Whether you want to make your snapshots reminiscent of famous works of art, or simply apply aging effects, you’ll be amazed at how these apps will fab up your photos in no time.

FX Photo Studio

Price: $FX Photo Studio 1.99
This reas onably priced photo app comes with over 190 effects that can be applied to photos alone, or in combinations created by you. Simple to use, users only need to select the photo they’d like to edit and then apply the filter by  scrolling through the selection. Finished products can be printed, shared via social networking sites or stored in your phone.

Instagram Instagram
Price: Free
Besides the appeal of the free price tag, Instagram offers users the opportunity to make their photos look like artistic shots straight out of the ‚Äò70’s. After photos have been taken, Instagram can be used to apply one of several color filters that soften tones and add an automatic aging effect. Or, my favorite, “Tilt Shift,” can be used to slightly blur photos and make them look like you took far more time to line up the shot than you actually did!
Instagram SS

Mobile MonetMobileMonet
Price: $0.99
This photo app allows you to make your iPhone photos look like works of art from a famous painter. Guess which one? Monet! How’d you know?! Simple settings let you create a sketch-like version of your photo that can then be “painted over” with soft brush strokes created by the app. The final version can be adjusted to look like a photo with basic adjustments, or a full on virtual painting. And the best part? It’s surprisingly easy to use!
Mobile Monet SS

Grungetastic Grungetastic
Price: $1.99
Grungetastic will make your photo grungy in a good way. No, they won’t all end up with baggy pants, flannel shirts and greasy hair, but they will look like they’ve been crumpled, aged and discolored into artistic awesomeness. The app itself provides a variety of overlays, color distortion options and borders that will make today’s photos look like they just came out of a 50 year stay in the attic.
Grungetastic SS

Photo Artista PhotoArtista Oil
Price: $2.99
Although this is the most expensive photo app on our list, it produces some pretty amazing effects.  The app comes with effects that allow users to adjust the brush strokes, textures, color tones and more so that the final product is as realistic or abstract as you desire. Users do admit that the controls of PhotoArtista Oil can take a little getting used to, but the results are well worth the slight learning curve.
Photo Artista SS