Best New Kids Apps

Blue ribbon intro After browsing the developer-submitted blog entries here on for the best new kids apps, we’re excited to once again present our readers with a preview of some of our favorites.

The top new kids apps cover everything from geography to saving yetis from giant snowballs. Each feature family-friendly content and are, we feel, a great addition to the iPhone app market. Take a second to check them out, and then head over to the new app section to browse even more new “app-ortunities” for fun and learning with the iPhone.

Construct-o-Set Things That Move
Price: $2.99
Things That Move is a simple, yet entertaining app that reminds us of the children’s toys that require you to match up a shape with the right size hole to complete a puzzle. Loaded with 10 different graphics of “things that move,” like rocket ships, trucks and helicopters, children are presented with different shapes to drag into place on the object’s outline. When shapes are properly matched, the app automatically produces a new shape to match up. This app is easy to use and seems like it would be ideal for practicing motor skills and shape recognition.

Sudoku School
Price: Free
As an adult, I found Sudoku confusing for the longest time. I wish I had known about this app to simplify the concept! Sudoku School presents users with simple Sudoku puzzles that are partially complete. Users must drag the number pieces to the correct spot on the puzzle to move on. This app is easy to use, and flashes clear directions at the top of the screen, so even the most novice Sudoku players can succeed.  A great choice for working with children to recognize number patterns and understand instructions. Any kid who is capable of recognizing numbers and their proper order will be able to play!

Snowball Run
Price: $0.99
Every kid needs a new game app to play from time to time, and Snowball Run is a fun one! The app is centered around helping a childish yeti (who, I must warn you, seems to pick his nose…But let’s be honest, what kid hasn’t?) avoid being run over by a giant snowball. As the friendly yeti runs down the hill, players must swipe debris out of his path and direct him around obstacles so he doesn’t get run over! Although the concept is simple, it’s typically the simple games that are the most addictive. With adorable graphics and kid-friendly action, this is an appropriate choice for the whole family.

Kids Map for iPad and Android Tablets

Price: $2.99
While there are an abundance of children’s apps for learning the ABC’s and 123’s, there seem to be less quality options for studying up on geography. Kids Map offers a colorful, straightforward approach to learning the lay of the United States. Presented with an outline of the United States, users are then given colorful state shapes, along with a name, and required to drag them to the correct location. With voice overs and simple controls, this is a cool way for kids with access to an iPad or Android tablet to learn about geography!

Price: $2.99
Puzzingo is an app targeted towards the toddler segment that is modeled after the old wooden boards that had  removable shapes and required children to match the shapes up with their proper place in a scene. Within the Puzzingo app, a background of circus animals, clowns, balloons and colors lead the way to matching games featuring sea animals, farm animals, numbers and more. The most impressive part of this app is a stellar graphics that are sure to keep kids’ attention.