Kids App Videos – Before You Buy Watch Kids App Videos First at

Raise your hand if you have ever downloaded an app for your kids only to find that it either wasn’t what you thought it was or that, well, it just wasn’t any good? Now keep your hands up if you knew that has a whole collection of videos that preview kids apps. If your hand isn’t still up, let us explain.

Here at we invite, and encourage, developers to submit new children’s apps. These submission provide a quick outline of the app, the price, a link to the iTunes store and a short video that demonstrates the function of the app. Why is this helpful for you?

– Cost Savings: If you download an app that is associated with a charge to your iTunes account, and you don’t like it, you’ll be out anywhere from $0.99 to $4.99. And money doesn’t grown on trees.

-Time Savings: Even if an app is free, finding good apps can take time. If you’re looking for a quality app to use in teaching your toddler his ABC’s, browsing the video section is far less time consuming and informative that clicking through the thousands of ABC apps in the iTunes store.

Here’s how it works:
Point your browser to the video section of the forum at , or feel free to browse the videos within the entirety of the blog posts that developers have submitted at

Watch the short video clips of apps that strike your fancy, and download the apps at will. This method is far quicker than deciding that an app isn’t what you want after downloading it to your iPhone. And, it’s fun for you and the kids to pick apps together!

For Developers:
If you are a children’s app developer for iPhone or Android, please feel free to submit your apps by following the submission guidelines available here:

Your submissions are appreciated by our readers and reviewed by our writers for feature ideas.

Happy browsing!