iPhone Amplifier

BONE intro We never pass up the opportunity to talk about new, cool products for the iPhone, and this one definitely caught our eye. How many times did you max out the volume on your iPhone or iTouch and still you cannot hear the movie or the song, especially in noisy environments? It looks like Born Horn Stand can amplify the iPhone audio volume without consuming any battery.

The BONE Horn Stand is designed to fit the iPhone 4 and provide your phone with major sound amplification without drawing on battery power. According to the manufacturer, the BONE Horn Stand simply slips over the bottom of the iPhone and provides up to 13 addition decibels of sound via acoustical science, working just like old time horn speakers found on record players long before the cassette tape was invented. To use the stand, the phone must be sitting on its side, which also makes this product seem like it would be a useful add-on when using the iPhone to watch videos. Or, if you simply want to crank up the tunes for the kids to dance to, this is a relatively inexpensive option at a price tag of $24.99.

BONE stand                                            Photo Courtesy of cyberguys.com


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