How To Back-Up Your iPhone

Back up introby Natalie

One morning, not long ago, my husband asked me if I knew where his iPhone was.
“No, I haven’t seen it,” I replied.
“Are you sure?” he asked. “It was in the pocket of my work jacket.”
Come to find out, I did know where it was. I knew his work jacket was in the washing machine. And I knew I hadn’t checked the pockets. Sure enough, I scurried to the garage, opened the top of the washing machine and found his iPhone sitting in the bottom. Soaked in water and completely inoperable.

Although neither of us were pleased with the situation, it was a little bit of a comfort to know that he had recently backed up the data of his phone to our computer. I mean, it wasn’t a huge comfort, but at least he hadn’t lost all of his apps. You don’t get to the master levels of “Rat on a Scooter” in a night, after all.

The Back Up Process
Fortunately, because the iPhone is backed up within iTunes, the process is the same whether you’re working with a Mac or PC.

-Plug your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into your computer

-Open iTunes

-Select the device that you will be backing up from the “DEVICES” list on the left hand side of the iTunes Window

-Right click on the correct device and select “Back-Up” from the pop up menu that will appear.

-Wait for the back-up to complete before disconnecting the device from the computer and sync the device if data is ever lost!

Also note that although manual back-ups can provide peace of mind, the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad will automatically back-up each time the device syncs, or is updated within iTunes.

While it may be tempting to stop a sync in progress, remember that having all of your Apple device data stored within iTunes can be a life saver when accidents happen!