Best Dr. Seuss Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Booksby Natalie

Although my 4 month old son can’t quite understand books yet, I know that reading to him is great for his development. Or at least that’s what I tell myself every night when we settle down to rhyme our way through a Dr. Seuss book each night before bed. That’s right; I confess. I’m a grown adult and I still love Dr. Seuss. His playful rhymes carry messages of wisdom far beyond the years of childhood and offer a unique point of view for little hearts, and the young at heart. And that’s just part of why it’s so cool to have Dr. Seuss available on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch! Let’s take a look at some of the best Dr. Seuss apps!

ABC Dr. Seuss’ ABC
Price: $3.99
Although it’s a little expensive, this interactive audio book is just like having the original book on your shelf, but with even more opportunities for learning. Depending on the mood or skill level of your child, the app can be set to “read to me”, “read it myself” or “auto play” mode so children can use the Dr. Seuss app as a book or a video! Fun pictures and classic Seuss rhymes focus on each letter of the alphabet, with the ability to focus on specific words by simply touching them. This is a really fun, functional approach to the ABC’s for children just starting out, or those who have already mastered the alphabet.

Cat in the Hat Camera Dr. Seuss Camera: The Cat In The Hat Edition
Price: $1.99
Your kids can become part of Seussville with this fun camera app. After takingĀ  a photo with your iPhone, or selecting a photo from the camera roll, you’ll be able to Seuss it up! Patterns within the app allow you to place your face as that of the Cat in the Hat, or insert loveable Seuss characters right into the photo with stamps. Because a family photo just isn’t complete without the Cat in the Hat.

Oh the places Oh, The Places You’ll Go
Price: $4.99
When I graduated from high school, I was given a copy of this book from a dear, older friend. To this day, I still refer to this wise text for inspiration. The message of “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” is applicable starting with the youngest of readers and provides a sense of self confidence in the sentiment that you control your own destiny. This awesome interactive storybook app narrates the classic tale, or allows children to read independently. As a bonus, each photo can also be zoomed on, with the name of an item read aloud to encourage picture/word association.

Lorax Lorax Garden
Price: $1.99
In this Dr. Seuss game app, players are responsible for growing their own Truffula trees and flowers. To begin, you can design the shape and color of your fantasy Truffula tree. Next, you’ll be required to water and meet the needs of each plant in your garden. The required care becomes more difficult as the game progresses, but the reward is a beautiful, bountiful Seuss garden that can be shared with others via virtual postcards.

Senders Dr. Seuss Senders
Price: $1.99
This fun Dr. Seuss app features 100 simple cards with bright colors, Seuss illustrations and rhyming sayings of thanks, inspiration and a job well-done. Cards can be saved to your photo library, or e-mailed to your kids, family and friends. This is a great app for parents to email their older kids relatable little messages when they outgrow lunchbox notes.