Best Android Apps For Toddlers

Toddler Worldby Darren

With all the excitement of the Android Market’s applications and the buzz generated from them by adults, teenagers, and pre-teens, we often forget that there is another generation of Android users. Toddlers make up a growing list of Android users and parents always like to keep abreast of the best Android Apps for toddlers. From educational applications to music applications, the Android Market has an app that your toddler will love being involved with. Below is our list of the best Android Apps for your toddler and we are confident that your child will love engaging in the fun and excitement.

Toddler Music Jukebox Toddler Music Jukebox

Price: $1.75

One of the best selling iPhone Apps for Kids is now on Android. It’s no secret that Toddlers love music and Toddler Music Jukebox is just what parents ordered. No more putting a cd in the cd player for your toddler. For a $1.75, your kids will enjoy 12 songs that they can sing along and dance to. You will need at least 16GB of free space on your phone either internally or on an external SD card. One of our favorite apps on our list of best Android Apps for toddlers.

Baby Word Baby Word

Price $ .99

At the moment, your child may not know words. However, with the Baby Word application, they can enjoy the the sounds that letters make. Your toddler will learn to drag and drop letters to form a word. Parents will like the ability to change the scope of this game as their child advances. You will be surprised at the words your children already know and the words they will learn.

Numbers Numbers

Price: Free

Numbers is the ideal app for kids you are just learning to count. The numbers application allows parents to use flash cards to teach their children numbers from 1 to 10 in a fun and engaging fashion. Parents can also set the game to use their voices or their child’s voice through edit mode. In addition to teaching your toddler to recognize their numbers, the flash cards also show a quanitity on the reverse side. This app is an exceptional learning tool.

Animal Sounds Quiz Free Animal sounds quiz

Price: Free

This interactive fun game will keep your toddler engaged and learning all about the sound and look of animals. You will watch your child develop amazingly as they learn to match the sound of the animal they hear to the correct picture of the animal. Toddlers can play the game alone or parents can join them to help with the learning process.

Tubi Fire Truck Free Tubi Fire Truck Free

Price: Free

The fuzzy horn, loud sirens and bright red color will have your child engaged with their own very own virtual fire truck with Tubi Fire Truck Free app. Your toddler will enjoy other features of Tubi such as interactive ladder, drag and throw abilities, turning wheels, and a bunny firefighting friend. Tubi Fire Truck Free is a wonderful interactive application your toddler is sure to love.